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Over 50% of Romanians Embrace Deposit-Refund System, Kantar Survey Reveals

More than half of Romanians have embraced the Deposit-Refund System (DRS), with 25% of them actively returning packages marked with the DRS symbol to designated collection points, according to a recent survey conducted by Kantar.

The survey found that 58% of respondents have already returned DRS packaging at least three times, while more than 38% of those who have not yet participated in the system plan to do so in the near future.

Currently, the awareness of DRS among Romanians stands at an impressive 96%, a significant increase from 90% in November 2023. Additionally, over 70% of participants view DRS as the most effective solution for packaging collection and recycling.

Three quarters of Romanians (75%) recognize RetuRO as the company dedicated to promoting cleanliness in the country, actively engaging in educating and motivating the public towards responsible environmental practices and recycling.

“This survey confirms that Romanians genuinely care about the environment and are eager to participate in recycling efforts. The Deposit-Refund System offers them a convenient and practical means to do so. The survey results are promising, especially considering the intention of a significant number of consumers who have not yet used the system to adopt it soon. Moreover, most Romanian consumers see DRS as the optimal solution for packaging collection and recycling. Notably, there is a growing familiarity with the system in people’s daily lives, indicating a cultural shift towards recycling in Romania. The continuous awareness campaigns conducted by RetuRO across various platforms have significantly contributed to the increased recognition of DRS among Romanians. It is safe to say that DRS is instigating a positive structural and cultural change in Romania regarding recycling practices,”

said Gemma Webb, CEO and President of RetuRO SGR.

In the initial four months following the official launch of the Deposit-Refund System, consumers nationwide have returned over 100 million packages, while manufacturers have introduced more than one billion packages to the market.

The Kantar survey, conducted in March of this year, involved a sample of 600 individuals aged between 18 and 64 from various regions of the country.

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