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United Right Alliance to have joint lists for all elections this year

The leaders of the United Right Alliance submitted, on Monday, to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), the lists of candidates for the European Parliament elections. Save Romanian Union (USR) Chairman Catalin Drula announced that USR, the People’s Movement Party (PMP), and the Right Force party will run on joint lists for all elections in the current year.

‘We are going together in all these elections,’ stated Drula confidently.

‘More than 500,000 signatures have been collected directly from Romanians, not in offices. Today, the three parties comprising the United Right Alliance – USR, PMP, and Right Force – present their candidates with strong belief, backed by millions of Romanians who support us, desiring a change from an abusive, corrupt, and incompetent regime,’ expressed the USR chairman.

PMP Chairman Eugen Tomac recalled the challenges faced by the alliance with USR and Right Force, emphasizing that attempts to hinder them were unsuccessful.

‘They tried every means to obstruct the United Right Alliance, altering the rules midway, and even sought to exclude us from the ballots, but they did not succeed,’ he remarked.

Meanwhile, Right Force Chairman Ludovic Orban encouraged voters to participate in the electoral process.

‘On 9 June, Romania’s path will be determined. Every Romanian must grasp a fundamental truth: in a democracy, power resides with each citizen. The exercise of this power is through the act of voting,’ emphasized Orban.

Leading the list of candidates for the European Parliament elections under the United Right Alliance are Dan Barna (USR), Vlad Voiculescu (USR), Eugen Tomac (PMP), Vlad Marius Botos (USR), Cristina Madalina Pruna (USR), and Violeta Alexandru (Right Force).

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